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All information that is submitted to the LIGHT organization in regards to your membership or your skills and interest survey is held strickly confidentual and is not shaired with any third party group or individual.  The information you provide us with is only used to help us better serve you. 

Organization Plan

         On this page find you will the LIGHT organization exicutive summary and organization analysis portions.  The full LIGHT organization plane is openly available just by emailing us at and asking.  We will send it as an email attachment. 

Exicutave Summary

The LIGHT Organization is an association for the “people of light”.  This is defined as individuals who know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and are actively part of a body of believers,” the body of Christ”.  This organization is designed with the purpose of defending religios rights, uniting the people of God, and empowering Christians.  In order to be a perfect entity the LIGHT organization is designed to operate as three combined divisions.  These divisions are LIGHT, STAR, and Spirit.  As of now( 2024) the divisoons of STAR and Spirit are not yet established and will be established as the organization grows.

The mission of the LIGHT organization is to protect religious rights, unite, and empower the public of born again, churched individuals defined as people of light.

The focus population/customers of the LIGHT organization are individuals varying from minors to adult who are defined as Christians and take interest in Christian products and services.

According to recent polls, roughly 40% of Americans report attending Christian church regularly.  That is almost half the population.  A record 45% of Americans report being born again Christians.

While donations and contributions are both accepted and appreaciated, the LIGHT organization is seeks to primarily funded by nonprofit marketing and distribution of particular products, goods, and services.  The LIGHT organization also seeks to develop its own Godly Christian technolagy and resources for marketing and distribution among LIGHT organization members.

The Organization will be funded by two separate methods.  First, as the producer and developer of Christian goods and services the organization will collect shares and royalties from the goods and services it will produce.  In addition the LIGHT organization will serve as a wholesaler between the organization member manufacturers and the organization member consumers.

The LIGHT organization is organized as a three part trinity plan of operation where as the LIGHT organization board will act as the executive division of the member body.  The Spirit division will act as a spiritual guide and protection of the member body and organization as a whole.  The STAR (Stationary Tactics and Activities Resource) will provide member body with a direct local tie to the organization products, programs , and services.

The LIGHT organization is currently in the process of developing a leading board of 12 individuals.  This group will consist of a president, vice president, science officer, health officer, treasurer, engineering officer, Agriculture officer, legal officer, religous office, Secretary, and two junior chair members, a Teen chair and a Children's chair.



Organization Analysis

       The Life Illuminating Geographic Holy Team (LIGHT) Organization is primarily an association for the “people of light”.  This is defined as individuals who know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and are actively part of a body of believers,” the body of Christ”.  The organization is designed in purpose to serve as a separate social order for the security and quality of life for its members.  In order to be a perfect entity the LIGHT organization operates as three combined portions.  These divisions are LIGHT, STAR, and Spirit. 




            LIGHT is in reference to the organization head and organization as a whole.  This includes the organization’s leadership, body wide programs and policies, and the unity of the organization’s members.

            STAR (Stationary Tactics and Activities Resource) is the LIGHT organization’s system of provide local service to the organization’s distant members.  This is accomplished through a series of facilities known as STAR Ships, STAR Bases, STAR Stations, and STAR camps. It is  through this system LIGHT organization members will always be local to LIGHT organization offices, schools, businesses, libraries, and other organization resources.

            Spirit is the LIGHT organization order of spiritual knowledge and guidance.  Though mentioned last the Spirit division is by far not the least of the three divisions. The Spirit entity is composed of an order of uniquely spiritual skilled and trained spiritual warfare prophets known as Spirit Knights.  This order of prophets will serve and protect the security and spiritual needs of both the LIGHT organization and the Christian people.

            The LIGHT organization also includes a trademark symbol by which the organization is identified.  This symbol is portrayed as a white eight point star cross symbolizing the light of Jesus Christ, encased in blue symbolizing the truth and righteousness of Christ, enclosed in a red oval symbolizing the never ending love and redemption of Jesus Christ

LIGHT Symbol

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