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The  LIGHT organization (Life Illuminating Geographic Holy Team) is a faith based Christian association.  The goal of the LIGHT organization is to protect and secure a prosperous future of the Christian people by protecting Christian rights and values.              


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                        Securing the Future for Christanity

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              Defending Christian Values

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                    Uniting the Christian People


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Exicutave Summary

The LIGHT Organization is an association for the “people of light”.  This is defined as individuals who know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and are actively part of a body of believers,” the body of Christ”.  The organization is designed in purpose to serve as a separate social order for the security and quality of life for its members.  In order to be a perfect entity the LIGHT organization operates as three combined portions.  These divisions are LIGHT, STAR, and Spirit.

The mission of the LIGHT organization is to serve, protect, and promote the target public of born again, churched individuals defined as people of light.

The focus population/customers of the LIGHT organization are individuals varying from minors to adult who are defined as Christians and take interest in Christian products and services.

According to recent polls, roughly 40% of Americans report attending Christian church regularly.  That is almost half the population.  A record 45% of Americans report being born again Christians.

While donations and contributions are both accepted and appreaciated, the LIGHT organization is primarily funded by the marketing and distribution of particular products, goods, and services.  The LIGHT organization will also focused on developing its own  technolagy and resources for marketing and distribution among LIGHT organization members.

The Organization will be funded by two separate methods.  First, as the producer and developer of Christian goods and services the organization will collect shares and royalties from the goods and services it will produce.  In addition the LIGHT organization will serve as a wholesaler between the organization member manufacturers and the organization member consumers.

The LIGHT organization is organized as a three part trinity plan of operation where as the LIGHT organization board will act as the executive division of the member body.  The Spirit division will act as a spiritual guide and protection of the member body and organization as a whole.  The STAR (Stationary Tactics and Activities Resource) will provide member body with a direct local tie to the organization products, programs , and services.

The LIGHT organization is currently in the process of developing a leading board of 12 individuals.  This group will consist of a president, vice president, science officer, health officer, treasurer, engineering officer, Agriculture officer, legal officer, religous offices, Secretary, and two junior chair members.


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Member Benefits


     As a LIGHT Organization member you will enjoy exclusive access to the organization's Members Page which allows you to utilize LIGHT organization services and resources.  You will also have the privilage of attending special programs and evients only for LIGHT members.


Junior Member Benefits


     The LIGHT organizatin child and teenage members will have privilage of attending and being part of LIGHT organization evients and programs that will not only help them hold strong on their faith in God and make good lifelong friendships but we are developing programs like our Chindren's convention and Teen's convention that will teach your children and teenagers professional grade skills and talents to excel them in every aspect of their lives.  These and other such projects will ensure that our members acheve great things and excel beyond the unsaved and wicked people of the world.




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