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                       Defending Christian Rights

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               Empowering Christians

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Welcome to the LIGHT organization home page

Empowering Christians

The  LIGHT organization (Life Illuminating Geographic Holy Team) is a faith based Christian association.  The goal of the LIGHT organization is to protect and secure a prosperous future for the Christian people by protecting Christian rights and values, uniting God's people, and empowering Christians.       

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Calendar of Events


LIGHT Organization Evients

Evient Place Date Time
None at this time      

Registered Church Evients

Evient Place Date Time


Calvery, Trinity, Liberty Baptist Church Men's Breakfast

Liberty Baptist Church

Alternate churches each Month

Second Sunday each month. 8:00 am
Seninary Baptist Church, Men's breakfast Seminary Baptist church, East room. Every 2nd Sunday of each month. 7:00 am

                                Know Your Rights as a Christian



The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice religion.


Employment Discrimination:

Federal law prohibits religion-based discrimination by employers, whether public or private, and by unions. The law also requires employers to make a “reasonable
accommodation” of your religious beliefs and practices, such as Sabbath observance and the
wearing of religious jewelry or clothing. These provisions, however, do not apply to religious
institutions, which are permitted to preserve their religious character and autonomy through
hiring and staffing decisions.

Discrimination in Education:

Students in public schools, as well as public colleges and universities, may not be discriminated against based on religion in educational opportunities,
including extracurricular activities. Students are free to form Bible clubs, for example, to the
same extent that they may form secular clubs. Students also do not shed their right to religious
expression at the schoolhouse gate.

Access to Public Accommodations and Public Facilities:

No one may be denied equal use of public accommodations, such as restaurants or hotels, on account of their religion. Similarly,
publicly owned facilities, such as community centers, must be open to religious individuals and
groups on the same basis as everyone else.

Housing Discrimination:

No one may be discriminated against in the sale, rental or enjoyment of
housing because of their religious beliefs. This includes equal access to all the benefits of
housing: someone could not, for example, be excluded from reserving a common room for a
prayer meeting when the room may be reserved for various comparable secular uses.

Land-Use Issues:

Federal law protects against unduly burdensome or discriminatory government
restrictions on your right to use your property for religious purposes. For example, zoning
officials cannot prevent you from holding a prayer meeting in your home if similarly sized social
gatherings are permitted. Likewise, houses of worship may not be excluded from zones where
secular assemblies such as fraternal organizations and meeting halls are permitted.





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     As a LIGHT Organization member you will enjoy exclusive access to the organization's Members Page which allows you to utilize LIGHT organization services and resources.  You will also have the privilage of attending special programs and evients only for LIGHT members.


Junior Member Benefits


     The LIGHT organizatin child and teenage members will have privilage of attending and being part of LIGHT organization evients and programs that will not only help them hold strong on their faith in God and make good lifelong friendships but we are developing programs like our Chindren's convention and Teen's convention that will teach your children and teenagers professional grade skills and talents to excel them in every aspect of their lives.  These and other such projects will ensure that our members acheve great things and excel beyond the unsaved and wicked people of the world.




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