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Member Benefits

As a LIGHT Organization member you will enjoy exclusive access to the organization's Members Page which allows you to utilize LIGHT organization services and resources.  You will also have the privilage of attending special programs and evients only for LIGHT members.

Junior Member Benefits

The LIGHT organizatin child and teenage members will have privilage of attending and being part of LIGHT organization evients and programs that will not only help them hold strong on their faith in God and make good lifelong friendships but we are developing programs like our Chindren's convention and Teen's convention that will teach your children and teenagers professional grade skills and talents to excel them in every aspect of their lives.  These and other such projects will ensure that our members acheve great things and excel beyond the unsaved and wicked people of the world.

Organization Progreams Services Available

LIGHT Free Cycle System

           Items and materals donated by other members.  Get free materials or supplies for your self, family, church, club,or business.


ALERT (Active LIGHT Emergency Response Team)

          Be part of a community desaster reliefe and recovery operation for                    Christians like yourself. Be prepared for disasters before they happen.


Download this month's free DayLight Newsletter

originlly only available to members.  This is proovided as a courtasy to website visiters.



DayLight News Letter August 2022
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Star Light Newsletter August 2022
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Spirit Services Available

Spiritual Council

          Find guidance on what God is doing in your life and how you can be a stronger and more faithful Christian.


Deram and Vision Interpretation

          Have you expereanced a spiritual dream or vision that you don't know the meaning of?  Find out what God is trying to tell you.


Deleverance Session

          Think that you, a friend or lived one may be under the possession or influence of an evil spirit?  Find out and get them help.


*Text "LIGHT Spirit" to 601-447-4288 to contact a Spirit Knight.





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Welcome to LIGHT Organization.

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